Wedding Shoes

Try on several different shoe heights with your wedding outfit. That way you'll know how much a dress needs to be altered and you'll see whether or not the combination gives the look you want. Keep this in mind for your wedding photos and for the wedding dance. If you're similar heights, you may not want to wear a really high heel. Grooms can also wear or rent shoes with a subtle height to them. You want to look elegant in your wedding photos, be able to walk without tottering and you also want to feel great all day. Some brides wear a specific pair of shoes for the ceremony and the photographs and choose a more comfortable pair for the reception. That way you can party and dance the night away in comfort!
If you're getting married on the beach, high heels might not be the right choice of shoe. Bare feet always look most natural on beach sand. If you're getting married outside on the lawn, you might opt for a wedge shoe instead of a spiked heel so you don't continually get stuck in the grass. You might also wear a ballet slipper for the evening, especially if your gown is floor length and only the tip of your foot will protrude from the dress. Some couples purchase his and her flip-flops to wear for the less formal part of the event as well.
It's not uncommon for brides and bridesmaids to buy matching flip-flops to wear while they're getting to the beach, walking a little way to get to photo location or traipsing through some bush. No only are they more comfortable they also save wear and tear on their shoes. I've even had a bride arrive from interstate and not been aware until the morning of her wedding that her bridal shoes were still in Sydney! She was probably the most comfortable bride we've photographed, she opted for her joggers! Not a single person noticed!
Whatever your plans are, try the shoes on, carefully consider how they'll look in wedding photos and how they'll feel, and don't be afraid to ask for advice. Flip through some wedding magazines to look at wedding photos for different ideas. Ask your stylist about which wedding shoes they recommend for your gown. Talk to your wedding party attendants about their choice of shoes. If you have a bridesmaid who's pregnant you may need to make an allowance so that she can wear a lower heal than the other girls. If you have trouble finding a style shoe that suits all the bride maids maybe the same colour will be the best solution. Remember to look fantastic on the day you will also want some built-in comfort!