Groom Sehra

In Indian weddings, the bride and the groom are adorned with many accessories so that they look the best on their wedding day. The groom’s accessories include the turban, shoes, jewelry, wedding outfit and most importantly the Sehra. The wedding Sehra enhances the overall look of the groom. Sehra may differ depending on the religion and region. In some parts like the North, Sehra is in the form of a Pagri while in the South it is a flower veil that is tied at the front of the turban. In states like Punjab, Rajasthan etc the groom wears a turban or Pagri. It is made from a single strip of cloth and displays vibrant colors.
The Pagri is made from different fabrics like silk or banarasi. They are chosen according to the color of the wedding outfit. Sehra is mostly red and pink in color. It holds great significance in Indian weddings and is an important accessory used for grooming. In the southern parts of India Sehra is a veil of flowers that is tied on the front of the turban. This veil is used to cover the groom’s face while approaching the wedding venue. Keeping in mind, the latest on-going trends there are new styles of Sehras and Pagri’s that are being designed. Nowadays, the groom’s Sehra is even made from veils of white pearls. This makes it look more beautiful.
Tying the wedding Sehra is an old Indian tradition and is carried out even today. It enhances the groom’s personality and presents him like a handsome and royal prince.